Kick Off the Summer With Edgewater Castle FC

Edgewater Castle F.C., in blue, playing in a game

Beyond language, race, religion, or nationality is the love of one sport – soccer. That is why Edgewater Castle Football club General Manager, Andrew Burden Swanson, thought that Chicago’s North Side would be the perfect place to open his football club. His club is comprised of players and Chicagoans from over 20 different home nations.

Huddle before a game

Opened in November of 2017, Edgewater Castle Football Club is comprised mainly of former college athletes, former semi-pro athletes and a larger group of young men from our community who are talented far beyond their own reach. Players can now practice and compete in a way that Andrew hopes will change their lives.

When asked about the Edgewater community, Andrew found that it isn’t just brimming with talented athletes, but is a network of people working to make Edgewater a great place to live. In this network and with “classic Chicago attitude of work, passion and openness,” Andrew has made his home. Swanson is also the co-founder of Jackalope Theatre Company at 5917 N Broadway, as well as Cygneture Woodworks, a local business on 1210 W Thorndale Ave which specializes in commissioned wood work. In regards to opening a business in this area, Andrew says it’s as easy as “riding a bike”. Contact us here at EDC to learn how we can we can help you move into the neighborhood or expand your local business.

Members of the ECFC team

With 3 businesses here in Edgewater, Andrew has found the community to be full of “willing participants, customers and supporters here. This is a true community”. He goes on to say that this community, in his words, is the “greatest neighborhood in the world, and likely one of the most globally diverse communities on earth”.

His passion for the community and his commitment to his players is palpable, so go support our local team and check out their summer roster of games here. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @edgewatercastle, Twitter @EdgewaterCastle, and like their Facebook page for more updates on the team.

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